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Some Do's and Don'ts Of Nightclub Bottle Buying

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So you're a nobody who is determined to become a somebody, and you've decided that the best way to make a name for yourself is to book a table at a nightclub when a rapper is throwing himself a birthday party. Everyone loves a Jho Lo, right? The only problem is you and your friends are basically broke and definitely don't have the cash to impress a superstar like Juelz Santana, the rapper's birthday a duo was determined to crash at M2. That's the situation that two Long Island men found themselves in recently, and their story is a guide on exactly what you should not be doing.

According to the NY Post, Robsson Depeine and Jeff Sylvain booked a table in a VIP section at M2 for themselves and five friends. When they arrived, they ordered ten bottles of Moet Nectar Rose at $400 a bottle and gave their waitress a valid AMEX card and matching ID. So far so good. A few hours later, they ordered an additional 30 bottles of Moet, and then tried to follow that by ordering both a 9 liter and 12 liter bottle of Champagne. Management then became suspicious and asked for another credit card and ID for the order, which they quickly realized were fakes. With the jig up, the duo tried to run for the door but were caught by security. They are now being held on $20,000 bail, which they obviously don't have, and all for trying to impress some third rate rapper.

So what did we learn? First, only buy bottles if you can afford them. Second, if you are pulling a scam and it works at first, quit while you're ahead. Don't go and order the display size bottles of Champagne after already ordering 40 other bottles. It just may be a signal that you are in over your head. Finally, if you are going to try to impress a celebrity, maybe choose a real celebrity. Juelz Sanatana just doesn't seem to be worth spending time in jail for.
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