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RumorMongering: Le Baron Coming To New York

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Besides being an artist and global scenester, Andre Saraiva is also an owner of the popular nightclub Le Baron, which has branches in both Paris and Tokyo. Andre was also involved with the late Beatrice Inn, and is often spotted hanging with Paul Sevigny and Olivier Zahm in New York, Paris and everyone else where fun is going on. Le Baron has previously done short residencies in New York and Miami to coincide with Fashion Week and Art Basel, but is Andre finally ready to open a permanent Le Baron in New York City? Scenester photographer Peter Miszuk recently tweeted, "letting the cat out the bag! Le Baron is coming to NYC! The location you ask???? Mulberry and Mosco St."

Now this is still just a rumor, but funny enough, there is an applicant going before the community board next month for a liquor license at 40 Mulberry, right near the rumored intersection. That location currently houses Asia Roma, which is still open and had no idea what we were talking about when we called to ask about Le Baron, but that doesn't mean there aren't plans to convert the basement into the coolest Chinatown club ever. We reached out to a Le Baron insider for comment but have not gotten any response. Mike's days on top could be numbered.

UPDATE:The rumors were just that. Rumors. According to a Little Birdy, the Le Baron team had looked at spaces in the past, but it's not happening.
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Le Baron

40 Mulberry St, New York, NY

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