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A Peek at Pulino's, Still a Week or So Out; Customer Banned for Repeat Undertipping

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BOWERY—TONY's The Feed previews the hotly-anticipated Pulino's which still appears to be at least another week or two out: "Most of the food will be cooked in one of two wood-and-gas–fired ovens, while the majority of the meat will come from whole animals (including 1200-lb. steers) butchered on-site: Look for it everywhere, including in the house-made pepperoni-like rounds that grace the salami cotto pie alongside tomato, mozzarella, olives, oregano and chilis." [The Feed]

NORTH CAROLINAConsumerist picks up a story about a Winston-Salem, North Carolina restaurant that actually banned a customer for not tipping enough. [WXII via Consumerist]

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