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Hirai Mong Fusion, More Coming Soon

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1) East Village: EV Grieve reports that Hirai Mong Fusion Bar and Restaurant will open in the former Gama space on St. Mark's Place. [PLYWOOD]

2) Downtown Brooklyn: Brownstoner brings word of a restaurant opening on the ground floor of the rental/condo luxury Bridgeview Tower at 189 Bridge Street. The space has filed for a liquor license, and chairs and tables have already been set up. [PLYWOOD]

3) Williamsburg: A tipster reports a new venture from a former Bonita Williamsburg cook. The unnamed project is slated to open next month on Wythe and North 4th Street and will feature similar food as Bonita, in a different space. [PLYWOOD]

4) West Village: A tipster noticed plywood coming down from 51 Grove Street, formerly Wild Ginger. [PLYWOOD]

5) East Village: If you're looking to purchase a bar space, look no further than the corner of 12th Street and Avenue A, the former home to the Raven, which was shuttered in 2006 after a devastating fire. EV Grieve found a real estate listing for the space, which boasts "1500 sq ft vanilla box with liquor license, large wraparound storefront, basement (with dedicated internal staircase), and possible sidewalk cafe." [PLYWOOD]

Hirai Mong Fusion Bar

12 St. Mark's Place, New York, NY 10003