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Carmellini Not Taking Over Vegas Fiamma Space

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Today Andrew Carmellini tells Eater that those rumors that he's taking over the Fiamma space at the MGM grand in Vegas are, in fact, totally false. While the Carms does have a consulting group that works with a few hotels and food businesses -- some of which are in Vegas-- he has no plans of opening up shop there anytime soon.

Most likely, the rumor stemmed from some work that his group has done for Steve Hanson in Vegas, but according to the man himself: "No Vegas plans for AC....just concentrating on NYC for the moment." So, there you go New York, we're back to our regularly scheduled programming. Now the only question is: what's next for the PDR at Locanda Verde -- More pasta? A sequel to Back in Black? All you can eat...fried chicken? Gotta be something.

Additional info on Carminelli's Vegas no-go can be found over at Feast.

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