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140-Year-Old Hot Dog Hoax; Gordo Does Good In Brooklyn

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CONEY ISLAND:Earlier today, CNN reported that a 140-year-old hot dog encased in a block of ice had been exhumed from amidst the demolition of the Coney Island's Feldman building, which once housed the restaurant credited with inventing the dish. A number of other news outlets picked the story up, until the Post revealed that the whole thing was a hoax put on by the Coney Island History Project. [Village Voice, NYP]

BROOLYN- Mojito, a Cuban restaurant that got the full Kitchen Nightmares treament from Gordon Ramsay a few months back, tells Grub Street that their business has picked up 30% since Gordo made his magical tweaks. The Mojito episode of Nightmares airs tonight on Fox [GrubStreet]

NORTH CAROLINA- Benihana-esque restaurant called Kampai Japanese Steak and Seafood House has actually banned a woman from coming into the restaurant based on the simple fact that waiters and chefs are not willing to serve her .... because she is a bad tipper. In retaliation for the ban, the lady—who is very strongly opposed to tipping 18%—has started a petition to boycott the restaurant.[Eater National]


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