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Les Desirs Closes on Friday, Bloggers Attempt to Eat at Every Danny Meyer Restaurant in One Day

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CHELSEAJeremiah's Vanishing NY reports that the last day for the beleaguered Les Desirs Patisserie in Chelsea is this Friday. "The 48-year-old bakery and its stalwart senior-citizens, though the fight to save the place made it to NY1 and garnered many petition signatures." [JVNY]

MIDTOWNCrain's NY reports that neighborhood insitution Comfort Diner on 45th Street is closed, and moving out of Manhattan despite signage that claims they are moving locations. [Crain's NY]

MANHATTAN—This Saturday, in a random stunt, husband and wife bloggers Spoon & Fork NYC will attempt to visit every Danny Meyer restaurant (count: 12) in one day: "The Danny Meyer Marathon" - in which we'll hit each of Danny's restaurants (starting at the Shake Shack UWS), in one day. This will include the newly opened SANDWICHED at the Whitney Museum,.and all three eateries at the MoMa. From roughly 11:30AM on, we'll make our way downtown." They'll be documenting the entire thing, natch. [Spoon & Fork]

PARK SLOPEBrownstoner reports of a "secret" restaurant behind Loki Lounge in Park Slope with a working title of Benchmark. [Brownstoner]

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Comfort Diner

214 E. 45th Street, NY NY 10018

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