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SF's Blue Bottle Coffee Co. Hits The 'Burg This Week

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The Times reports that the first location of the Bay Area's cultishly adored Blue Bottle Coffee Company will open up in Williamsburg as early as tomorrow. The Oakland-based coffee co. currently has four proper locations in the Bay Area, with a fleet of roving push carts that make the rounds at local farmers markets. While the Gramercy Tavern adopted their coffee program a year and a half ago, the Brooklyn shop will be their first official location outside of the SF area.

The arrival of the new shop is huge news for coffee geeks. In addition to serving high quality beans, the new Blue Bottle shop will offer a number of different preparations -- including standard espresso and drip options, a New Orleans-style cold drip, a single cup drip bar, and slow drip coffee made from a crazy Japanese-made glass-orbed contraption that looks like something from an H. G. Wells novel.

Blue Bottle's owner/head coffee guru, James Freeman, notes: "These are ways of making coffee that are exciting to us. ...We’re not trying to impress anybody, we’re trying to express our excitement." In SF, customers have been known to wait for over 40 minutes to grab a cappuccino from one of the street carts (for more on Blue Bottle Mania, please refer to Eater SF's coverage). While the coffee scene in New York has seen a lot of improvement over the past few years, the arrival of Blue Bottle is indeed a potential game changer.
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Blue Bottle Coffee Co., 160 Berry Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn