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The Simple Life: Mike's Apartment Is New York's Hottest Spot

From Studio 54 to the Boom Boom Room, New York nightlife has always shown an ability to continually reinvent itself and be the leader of the global scene. But after several high profile venues lost battles with the city and community boards, and the recent smoking crackdown, the scene is reeling. Long time operators have grown weary from the never ending battle to make money in nightlife. So it seems appropriate that the newest and hottest party space isn't a bar or nightclub at all. It's Mike's apartment, a loft in Noho that has become the place for celebrities, models and the nightlife elite to party into the wee hours of the night. Smoking ban? Not here! Curfew? Please. Neighbor complaints? Why should they complain since they are usually at the parties! It sounds like paradise.

According to Gawker, Mike has been involved in the restaurant industry for a while and recently embarked on a project to open a nightclub, thus introducing him to a lot of new nightlife friends who have begun using the loft to host parties. Now, "promoters from Avenue, 1OAK and Greenhouse bring their crowds here in a steady stream, for pre and post club debauchery. As many as 150 people have crammed into the space", including the suddenly social Axl Rose

Suddenly, Mike has gone from very popular to the coolest guy in New York City. But never forget that popularity has its downside. Apparently some of his "guests" have discovered that Mike doesn't lock the fancy booze closet and have been helping themselves to his fine whiskeys and wines. Ruh roh. And even though Gawker's story and its previous mention in Page Six have kept the vital information secret, it won't be long until legions of party monsters are strolling the streets of Noho, banging on every red door they see, hoping that they have found the one to Mike's apartment.

See, you don't need to rent a hotel room to have a great party.

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Editor's note: The red door in the photo is not Mike's front door.