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New Details Emerge on Eataly's Six Batali Restaurants

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In his most recent column for TIME, Josh Ozersky chats with Mario Batali about the restaurants that will populate his Flatiron Italian food complex, Eataly. We already knew that Eataly would feature six new Batali restaurants each dedicated to one key speciality (including that crazy roof-top beer garden). Now we learn that Batali is also touting the Eataly project as his return to being a chef as opposed to just a restaurateur. While he's already stated that he won't be in the Eataly kitchens every night, Mario is designing all six of the menus himself. Batali says of the new spots:

"These are the first really unadulterated [Mario restaurants] we've opened since Otto, seven years ago...So much has happened since then; the whole terrain has changed. There's the green movement, sustainability, the new world of small-farm sourcing. I'm turned on by that; it's a whole new palate to work from. I'm intimately involved in what the restaurants are going to be."

Again, the six restaurants that Mario and Joe Bastianich have planned include a meat restaurant, a fish spot, a pasta joint, a pizza parlor, a panini bar, a restaurant specializing in vegetables and of course that crazy roof-top gastropub. Of note: the meat restaurant, will be serving both an Italian piedmontese grass-fed beef, and a grain-fed "super beef" engineered by Adam Perry Lang.
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