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D'Artagnan Party Draws A Strange Crowd To Party

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Last night, our man about town, Joshua David Stein, attended the D'Artagnan 25th Anniversary Party at Guastavino. Thankfully, he brought his camera with him.

Last night at Guastavino, rich food for richer people supplier D’Artagnan celebrated its 25th anniversary with a costume party. Of course because what 25 year old doesn’t like a good costume party? The night before there was a more staid reception—Feast was there—but last night was the party. Drew Nieporent, Tom Collicchio and Daniel Boulud took to the stage late in the night but I was too hammered at that point to notice. Instead, I documented the strange old people who showed up. One of them was Gael Greene.
--Joshua David Stein

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