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Motorino Makes The Most Out Of Its One Star

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Last week, New York Times food critic Sam Sifton reviewed Motorino and gave it one star, which many readers thought was appropriate for a well received restaurant that really only offers pizza. But like other pizza chefs before him, Motorino's owner Mathieu Palombino took umbrage to the review, feeling that his restaurants were worthy of two stars. But the real question was how the review impact Motorino's business? A visit to Motorino's Brooklyn location on Saturday night showed that Palombino and his staff had taken Sifton's lemons and figured out how to make lemonade.


The restaurant placed this chalkboard outside the restaurant with the key quote from Sifton's review; "the city’s best pizza". There was another sign inside the restaurant with the same quote, as well as an announcement from Motorino's Twitter account at about 9 PM:

Due to the high volume of pizzas served today, Brooklyn Motorino will be closed for the rest of the night. Sorry for the inconvenience.
So just four days after the review they were unhappy with, Motorino had taken the only part that mattered (they have amazing pizza) and used it to help bring in more customers (to make money). So while everyone would love to get lots of stars, getting butts in the door spending money and enjoying the food is what really counts.
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