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Super Blow To Superdive: Kegmaster Exits

The future of the historic Superdive continues to get cloudier by the day. If you recall, the keg serving bar was recently hit with a vacate order by the Department of Buildings over a missing Certificate of Occupancy for its famed Mad Dog basement. In another blow to the Superdive organization, Kegmaster Matthew announced that his time at the legendary bar was coming to an end, telling fans that "after eight months of mastering kegs, I – the original Kegmaster of Superdive – will be moving on from Superdive at the end of the month." Matthew says he has been coerced by the Colombian government into relocating to Bogota "to show them how it's done". For some reason we believe him.

To celebrate his departure, the Kegmaster is throwing one final “Kegmaster’s Elegantly Wasted?,” a $25, all you can drink, premium beer blow out on February 25th. It should be a doozy. Meanwhile, the bar is still for sale and recently had its price reduced by $125,000. But with the DOB problems to deal with, restricted hours of operation, no Kegmaster, and a host of community complaints, it seems unlikely that Superdive will find a willing buyer anytime soon. Will this be the end of the Superdive that everyone knows and loves? Say it ain't so Superdive. Say it ain't so.
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