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The Early Word on Dessert Truck Reincarnation, DT Works

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One of the many sad and unexpected shutter stories of 2009 was the shut down of St. Mark's staple Dessert Truck after a permit dispute. But devotees now have reason to rejoice: the team is back, this time with DT Works in a warm little storefront on Clinton Street; truckless. The same menu is on offer, only with a slight price increase. Early word is overwhelmingly positive, with people practically exulting over the return of the DT greatest hits, the new space, and the friendliness of the staff. To the evidence:

The Mostly Good News: Over on Chowhound, a user raves about everything except the cocoa: "Delicious! The brioche donut holes with nutella filling were absurdly good. Be careful with them though: the nutella spills out when you take a bite. It's messy, but who cares when it's this good. We also tried the molten chocolate cake. It was also really good. The olive oil ganache was tasty and remarkably did not melt despite sitting atop the warm cake. The hazelnuts also added a nice flavor. Finally, we had a cup of hot chocolate. neither of us enjoyed this. I thought it was too buttery, my wife thought it was too salty. Either way, it didn't work for us." [Chow]

The Amazing News: All raves on Yelp so far. Says one user: "YES! Dessert Truck is back! My favorite is the chocolate bread pudding topped with bacon vanilla custard... it's more of a warm, moussey, goo than bread pudding, but it feels like you are eating love, sex, and sunshine all at once." And another: "Oh how I have missed their bread pudding with bacon custard. They have the same menu, just now you can sit down and stay warm and enjoy it. Its pretty open inside. they have seats, benches for you to sit down on. Staff is still friendly as ever. Lattes are worth trying. Hot chocolate is hardcore and serious! its drinking chocolate, I thought i was gonna go into diabetic shock after. Oh how I have missed you dessert truck! i'm so glad that you're back now!" [Yelp]

The Excellent News: Rebecca Marx of Fork In The Road is pleased with everything: "If what we tried was any indication, quality has made the journey from street to store. The bread pudding came submerged in a speckled vanilla sauce and was garnished with a quenelle of whipped cream that, with its protruding shard of chocolate, looked like a sailboat floating on a custard sea. It was more pudding than bread, which was not a bad thing, given that it was intensely good pudding...The creme brulee was, well, creme brulee. There were no bells and whistles, only a satisfyingly crackly, expertly browned crust sheltering a creamy and surprisingly light custard. If you happen to be a creme brulee freak, then DT Works has your number. The hot chocolate ($3) will be manna to those who like their hot chocolate strong and thick enough to pass as something that could have been pumped from an underground well." [FitR]

The Brief, But Positive News: The lone Menupages review goes straight to the point: "I tried chocolate bread pudding again which is my favor, it is awesome still!" [Menupages]

The Price Hike News: Food In Mouth likes the offerings, but spends most of their post talking about the implications of the upped prices and sales tax: "They're now called DT Works and they're still serving up some great desserts. The great thing about having a store front instead of a truck is that you can enjoy your dessert and not worry about the weather. The downside is that as a customer, you help foot the bill, since they gotta pay rent now. So desserts are up a dollar, from $5 to $6, and you pay sales taxe of 8.875% now. At the end, you're looking at $6.50 for dessert. A 30% increase is more startling to me now as I calculate the numbers than when it was when I ate the dessert. Does this mean that a warm chocolate bread pudding will make me forget about numbers? Maybe. But going forward, I think $6.50 for dessert means that the desserts have to be awesome for me to always love DT Works." [Food In Mouth]

The Very Solid News: A comment on the Eater Opening Alert is full of praise: "Went tonight to load up on my favorite DT treats. Sadly, was the only customer there; also, the storefront is just next door to the Clinton Street Baking Company and Restaurant: a formidable competitor. On the plus side, the desserts remain consistently good: the cheesecake was denser and creamier than I remember, and the molten chocolate cake was melt-in-your-mouth delectable. The warm baked apples and creme brulee were just heavenly. All desserts now cost $6 with tax, so it is a bit more expensive to indulge your DT cravings these days, but I am sure to return in the near future." [Eater]

The "Thank God It Ain't a Truck Anymore" News: Some good food porn accompanies We Heart New York´s post on the spot: "Whatever damage it may do to our culinary bona fides, we'll just say it: the food truck trend is stupid...So it was with considerable relief that we greeted the arrival of Dessert Truck Works, the brick-and-mortar manifestation of the erstwhile sweetmobile. In a spare but appealing space on the Lower East Side, they're serving up goodies like molten chocolate cake with hazelnuts and olive oil and brioche donut holes filled with glorious goopy Nutella. And they'll be in the same place tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day." [whny]

The Twitterific News: @climhazard "had the NY Cheesecake, Molten Chocolate Cake and hot chocolate from the new place of @desserttruck, DT Works, earlier tonight. Gooood stuff."
—Gabe Ulla

DT Works

6 Clinton St., New York, NY

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