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Lighthouse, Taureau, K! Pizzacone, and More Coming Soon

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1) Williamsburg: Construction is underway on Lighthouse, a Mediterranean-themed restaurant coming to Boriquen Place in Williamsburg from the Macao/Employees Only team. The restaurant will feature an oyster bar and will serve light fare and a large assortment of pickles. There will be rows of long communal tables, but with breaks to allow easier mobility. [PLYWOOD]

2) East Village: The Feed reports that Didier Pawlicki, the chef owner of one starred La Sirene in Soho, is opening Taureau, a 38 seat fondue spot in the East Village. The restaurant, which will be BYOB, is on East 7th Street between First Avenue and Avenue A and will open in March. [PLYWOOD]

3) Tribeca: Minutes from the last Community Board 1 meeting reveal restaurateur Frederick LeSort's plans for the new restaurant in the Smyth Hote: "It’ll be 5,600 square feet: 1,800 square feet of kitchen, 2,000 square feet of restaurant on the ground level, and 1,800 square feet of bar in the basement. Background music only, and it’ll be called a restaurant and “bar vin,” or wine bar (though it also serves cocktails). There will be seating capacity for 90 people both upstairs and down...Lesort wanted 4 a.m. closing on weekends—because it’s nice to have 'a place to have a drink after dinner'—and he compared it to Smith & Mills (which is, what, 250 square feet?)." It's set to open at the end of March. [PLYWOOD]

4) Lower East Side: Fork in the Road brings word that a restaurant called (ugh) Global Grub serving "international bar food" will open in the old Tides space on Norfolk St.: "The restaurant's menu will be split into 'four different genres' of Mexican, Asian, American, and Egyptian, Seto says. There will be, for example, 'American' blue cheese mac and cheese, 'Asian' soy-glazed ginger chicken wings, 'Mexican' grilled skirt steak tacos, and 'Egyptian' eggplant hummus." Sounds like a solid win. [PLYWOOD]

5) Gramercy: Feast reports that Michael Huynh will be opening Chinito, his partnership with Alex Garcia, somewhere in the Gramercy area. it will be a Vietnamese-Cuban fusions spot: "He says the decor will be 'communist,' and that they will most certainly be serving a 'banh mi Cubano.'" He's also planning a pork bun spot on St. Mark's. [PLYWOOD]

6) East Village: EV Grieve reports that a new Vietnamese restaurant called La Da Nang is opening in the old Sea Thai space on 2nd Avenue between 4th and 5th Streets. [PLYWOOD]

7) Midtown: Thrillist brings news today that the biggest opening in Midtown, that of K! Pizzacone, will take place this Monday. Better start lining up now. [PLYWOOD]

8) Park SlopeDavid Massoni co-owner of new Brooklyn restaurant Thistle Hill Tavern emails in to report that Rebecca Weitzman, a former chef de cuisine at 'inoteca on the Lower East Side, will the chef at his new spot. The opening date is unclear. The restaurant is on 441 Seventh Ave. right by Beer Table. [PLYWOOD]


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145 Borinquen Place., Brooklyn, NY