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Will The Latest 'Bucks in the Burg Rumor be the Real Thing?

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Chains on Bedford Avenue are nothing new (see Subway, Tasti, Ricky's, and the soon to come Duane Reade), but one must admit there's something emblematic about a big old Starbucks in primo Williamsburg real estate, especially if they replace a neighborhood staple. A tipster hears from a Bedford Ave. shop owner today that the coffee chain is taking over a space on Bedford near Metropolitan, perhaps even the popular breakfast spot The Bagel Store. Says the tipster: "Apparently they're gonna pay a small fortune in rent for the place, they'll need to sell a lot of joe. I don't see it really working out - unless they do what they've started doing in Seattle and try out one of their non-branded stores."

Another local tells Eater that a more likely location of this alleged 'Bucks would be over on North 3rd. There's a brand new building going up on the corner that has already secured Duane Reade/Walgreen's as a tenant. To be fair, the Williamsburg-Starbucks rumors seem to pop up every few years, so it's not yet time to get worked up

In other Starbucks news, the chain will soon begin selling its coffee in Burger Kings.
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Potential Burg 'Bucks

Bedford Ave. and North 3rd St., Brooklyn, NY