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Inside the Sirius Studio with Bourdain, Batali, and Ripert

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Last night celeb chefs Anthony Bourdain, Eric Ripert, and special guest Mario Batali got together in the Sirius studios to air the first of five radio shows called Turn & Burn. The tequila was flowing, as were the jokes about Ruth Reichl, Guy Fieri, Rocco DiSpirito, Sandra Lee, and even Ripert from time to time. For those who missed it, Eater was in the studio to see it all go down.

The show started with a discussion on El Bulli, how fabulous it is—Batali has been eight times, by the way—and why Ferran would change paths. They went on to talk about the food porn/real porn book "T&T&A", Marky Ramone's tomato sauce, and the Jersey Shore (Bourdain is a fan; Ripert thought a cast member had been at Le Bern but it was actually someone Real Housewives, a forgivable mix-up). Then came one of the highlights of the show, The Tao of Ruth. Turns out Eater's not the only one to find her tweets fascinating. See the clip for more on that:

The chefs move on to talk about the meaning of celeb chefdom, and what happens when they're bombarded by unwanted "gifts" from chefs when dining out (answer: they force the food down). The three discuss how street food is often better than fine dining to a fatigued chef. And Eric Ripert reveals that the last menu item he had to scrap was a sardine dish, while his surf and turf, the most popular item on the menu, is killing his food costs.

To hear some choice bits from the show—including a Rocco Dispirito takedown—listen below:

And there's even more here.
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