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Remembering the Biggest NIMBY Victories in New York

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Today's Shake Shack retreat wasn't the first time people who go to Community Board meetings stopped a restaurant or bar from doing what they wanted. It's time to look back on other recent NIMBY victories.

1) Shake Shack Nolita, plans withdrawn
2) The Jane Hotel and Ballroom, partially closed
3) Le Souk, fully closed
4) The Cooper Square Hotel, crippled by restrictive hours
5) The Roxy, plans withdrawn
6) Mercury Dime, closed
7) Grand Park, plans withdrawn
8) Koi on the Bowery, plans withdrawn
9) Forty Deuce, plans withdrawn, eventually opened as Travertine
10) The 500 Foot Rule, reinforced
11) 205, closed
12) The Mott, closed "for renovations" months ago.

RIP Shake Shack

47 Prince St., New York, NY

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