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Painkiller's Plans To Create A New York Tiki Culture

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The conversion of Sasha Petraske's former East Side Company Bar space into the tiki themed Painkiller is well underway. Diner's Journal caught up with Painkiller's owner Richard Boccato and his bartender in crime, Giuseppe Gonzalez, to find out how they plan to create a New York tiki culture. The duo have spent a few months visiting the great tiki bars of North America, and are building a space will be tiki meets downtown dive bar, fusing the required bamboo and thatch with "some graffiti and some subway tiles and things that are more reminiscent of the Bowery circa 1978." Of course.

Painkiller will bring a mixologist's touch to the tiki genre and will open with fifteen to twenty drinks on its menu, including some classic tiki recipes and a full spider bowl menu. In a daring move, Painkiller will also serve a frozen piña colada, a drink that most mixologists consider everything that is wrong with commercial bar cultures. As an added bonus, Painkiller will be dishing out free hot dogs to its customers, a pairing that will surely leave its customers waking up with some regrets. And in case you thought Painkiller would be the customary cocktail den that forces customers to be seated, think again. Standing is allowed! It all sounds great, but perhaps a wee bit similar to another tiki inspired bar. Expected opening is late March or early April.
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49 Essex St, New York, NY