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Too Little Too Late, Sad Neighbors Rally for Shake Shack

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After hearing the news that Danny Meyer withdrew his plans to build a Shake Shack in Nolita following community unrest, a resident and reader pens a call to arms:

In light of some new developments regarding the terrible news in Nolita, I know I speak with many, many of my fellow neighbors when I say this: we WANT the Shake Shack on that corner. The lot has been a terrible stain on our neighborhood for so many years, and the possibility of that coming to an end was a dream. The best part was the stain was supposed to be removed by not an ugly condo complex, not a stinking pharmacy, and not even by a Starbucks!!! It was going to house a favorite burger establishment, provide jobs and a community gathering place.

He's hoping to put together an online petition and is confident that "hundreds, maybe even thousands" will support it. Petition or not, we're guessing Danny doesn't want to tussle with this neighborhood again.

Meanwhile, the comment thread on the original post about the Shake Shack news is as active as ever. A couple of favorites below:

"Yeah, congratulations. Thanks a lot, CB. Amazing how a handful of oddballs and cranks can control whole neighborhoods and destroy businesses. When will the madness end?" —Joshua Ozersky

"hahahaha you assholes!!!!...cant wait to see that new condo complex that will surely go up in its place!"—guest

"Now I still have a great place to take a piss late night. NIMBY forever!"—guest

"Danny should show up with a forklift of cash and buy Soho Park, one block away. A win-win for everybody."—wdt

"I used to live right next door to where this Shake Shack would have been built, and honestly it would have been another utter nightmare for this beleaguered neighborhood. A once-quiet residential area (except for the two horrifying weeks of San Gennaro—you commenters forgot the set-up and clean-up days) turned into an open-air shopping mall that has lost all charm. IF you want a Shake Shack next to your home, first trying camping out next to a nightclub for a few weeks."—guest

This Could Have Been a Shake Shack

47 Prince St., New York, NY