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Ace Hotel Finds Room For Even More Friends

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By way of FloFlab comes more news about the beloved Brooklyn restaurant No 7's plans for a sandwich shop in the Ace Hotel, which will open sometime during the last week of February. When it does open, it will join a lobby bar that is popular 24 hours a day, a gastropub run by a James Beard nominated chef, a kick ass coffee shop, a basement bar and event space, and a planned Tin Pan Alley piano bar that will open in a few months. The Ace can host your fancy event or even a birthday party or in one of their loft hotel rooms until midnight. Breslin head honcho Ken Friedman even tells us that the legendary Q Tip is DJing at The Ace tonight. It's like the best of New York all crammed into one hotel in a questionable part of town. But the Ace could use a few more options to really make it swing.

Word is there is still room in the hotel for one more public space. In no particular order, Eater recommends that Ace owner Alex Calderwood and Friedman immediately get to work opening the following:

A Korean lunch buffet, a doggy day care, a SnoCone machine with a full time attendant and a K PizzaCone stand for both lobby guests and room service, Barcade style arcade with a minimum of four Skeeball machines, a suckling pig gyro cart outside the entrance for people leaving the bar at the end of the night and people who are waiting to get inside, a 7-11, and a church.
If only the Ace could make that happen, the place would really be perfect. If anyone can pull it off, its the Ace. We look forward to the pending announcements.
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