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Can/Should an Excellent Pie Merit Two Stars in the Times?

Here's question brought up in yesterday's Sift Happens: if a pizza joint doesn't have an extensive non-pizza menu, can the pie alone earn more than one star in the Times? Two star pizzerias Franny's and Otto both have a slew of items besides their pies, while onespots Co. and Motorino really don't. There are salads and meats for sure, but that entree is going to be a pizza.

Of course the folks over at Slice—and one can assume the owners of the onespots Jim Lahey and Mathieu Palombino are with them on this one—are up in arms about the issue. Why can't pie alone get two stars, they wonder. One commenter figures that in Sifton's mind, "one-star is the best that a lower-priced or ethnic restaurant could do."

Of course, the other side of the argument is that pizza places belong in the Under or in the Dining Briefs. As delicious as pizza is and as complicated as it can be to perfect, a proper two star restaurant needs more options, and a review is a composite of an entire experience. Should the best taco joint in the city get two stars, the best burger shop? Probably not.

Readers, put your thoughts in the comments. One star or two, Sifton gave Motorino more than enough recognition this morning.
· Sam Sifton Too Good for 'The City's Best Pizza' [Slice]


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