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Colicchio & Sons Goes Prix Fixe; Genius Taco Truck Vestibule

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CHELSEA— Starting tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 18, the dining room menu at Colicchio & Sons will be a three-course prix fixe for $78. Those who don't want to drop such cash should stick to the Tap Room, which will continue to serve an a la carte menu. [EaterWire]

MIDTOWN— Joe Bastianich's team tells Eater that his restaurant group has lost an important member. Jeremy Ensey, the senior manager and sommelier at Becco for many years, passed away yesterday: "He was the face of the restaurant, and a beloved member of the tight-knit Becco family. Anyone wishing to pay their respects may join us at Becco this Saturday, between 1:00pm and 5:00pm in memory of our friend." [EaterWire]

UPPER WEST SIDE— Check out the awesome vestibule that the taco truck on 96th and Broadway has installed. Genius. [Gothamist]

EAST VILLAGE— PDT, the bar that once had a staunch anti-vodka policy, now has a vodka cocktail. "Vodka is still the most popular spirit in the world...This product is an easy way for me to raise the white flag," says Jim Meehan. [The Feed]

PARK SLOPE—TV chef Sam Mason tells Fork in the Road that he's considering opening a restaurant in Park Slope. He says if he gets the same scrutiny he got at Tailor, he won't mind. "I just don't want people to start calling me a TV chef anytime soon." [FitR]

Colicchio & Sons

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