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Breaking Down the Ferran Adria/El Bulli Closing Dance

That tricky Ferran Adria and his puzzling statements. On Friday, the Times reported that El Bulli would not reopen after its previously reported two year hiatus in 2012. He cited finances—Adria and partners lose half a million euros on the place a year—and a desire to turn the place into an academy. He said of the restaurant, "at that bestial pace, it would be impossible to continue." It was a surprise, but only a small one, given Adria's previous admission that he wanted to fundamentally change up the way El Bulli did business.

But it didn't end there. Over the weekend, the wily chef told El Pais that the Times had misunderstood his statements, saying "Nothing has changed with respect to the announcement I made in Madrid in January...El Bulli will close its doors in 2012 and 2013, and will reopen in 2014."

Of course, the Times got Adria back on the line to explain the contradictory statements. He confirmed that the information in the original Times article was accurate but to him it implied that El Bulli would cease to exist. Instead it will open as an academy. Said academy will serve food to the public in some form. Perhaps it's just semantics, but it's obiously to be a very important distinction to the chef.

As Bruni points out, perhaps it's no huge loss. It was never really "open" to most people to begin with. And who knows what kind of wizardry they'll be serving up at El Bulli 2.0.
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