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One Karaoke Boho Opens, Another Rises From the Dead

Last week, after readers reported removed signage, calls went unanswered, and a walk-by revealed a ghost town, all signs pointed to a shuttered Karaoke Boho on West 4th Street. Not the case! Per a new reader report over the weekend: "They took the signs down for a little bit...and before that had a CLOSED sign for a few weeks, but they appear to be back up and as of 30 mins ago, all the signage was back in the window, employees were there, tvs were on and it looked open." Happy news.

Meanwhile, Bowery Boogie brings word that the second location of Karaoke Boho down on 196 Orchard Street, opened for business over the weekend. Like the other location, this is opening as an unfortunately dry karaoke joint.
· Karaoke Boho Now Open [BB]
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Karaoke Boho

186 West 4th St., New York, NY

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