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Hill Country to End Feed Your Face Challenge on Black Sunday

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Even Hill Country has their limits. A week and a half after launching a $65 Feed Your Face Challenge—eaters who down two pounds of meat and a bunch of sides in an hour dine free—and less than a week after upping the ante, Hill Country has suspended the challenge. Per their twitter: "V-Day is D-Day for the Feed Your Face challenge! This wkend is your last chance take on the $65 or $85 platter of ‘cue'." A rep for the restaurant says it was always intended to be a Valentine's Day offering and was "never intended to be an ongoing offer." Okay, just tell that to the Yelpers who planned on going on March 20.

Update: While perhaps some "never intended" the offer to continue indefinitely, they may not have told that to Hill Country staff. A reader forwarded an exchange with a manager in which he asks her when the offer ends. She replies "This challenge has no end date, come in anytime!". Perhaps too many people were walking away with a free $65 meal.
A follow up PR statement: "HC management decided to end it on Vday, not because it was too easy or too many people were eating for free, rather there are other areas of the restaurant we all want to focus on." She also says it may have had something to do with someone getting sick at the table during the challenge.
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