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The Trials And Tribulations of An Ace Hotel Loft Party

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Here's a tale of a broken love affair just in time for Black Sunday. Downtown Diaries editor Kristina Marino was so in love with the Ace Hotel that she convinced her friend to have a birthday party in one of the hotel's $1000 per night lofts and invited 25 guests to enjoy the fun. She even promoted the event on Eater. After some back and forth about the set up and communication issues with Ace management, the big birthday night arrived. But unfortunately, things didn't turn out as glamorous as Ms. Marino had hoped for.

According to her report,

The hotel staff was creeping around like a jealous ex-lover up our ass every 10 minutes. Security and management outside the door, clicker and all, monitoring the whole situation. It took me back to Middle School, when your parents let you have a party in the basement, but sat at the top of the stairs and watched your every move. We had a curfew enforced by the hotel – by 12:00AM we all had to be out of that room.
The group kept the party going by buying a bottle in the recently opened Liberty Hall space (bottle service??), but would have preferred to remain in their plush and private loft area.

But this begs the question of why, with the abundance of public Ace Hotel areas and private dining rooms throughout New York, would anyone choose to spend $1,000 for a one bedroom hotel room? Isn't it the same as being in someone's apartment? And wouldn't you expect hotel staff to keep a watchful eye out for potential damage to their most valuable rooms? The answer to the last two questions is a resounding yes. And while no one likes to have their birthday ruined, this seems to be an appropriate lesson for party planners that try to go outside the box. There's always next year.
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