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Early Chef Shuffle at Robert; Sorella Chef Named 'It' Girl

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UPPER WEST SIDE— Grub Street learns that Brady Duhame, the chef at the two month-old restaurant in the Museum of Arts & Design is parting ways with CEO of the restaurant's management group Michael Weinstein. He blames management's desire to increase numbers and his need to go higher end. [GS]

LOWER EAST SIDEEmma Hearst, Sorella chef and winner of Eater's Hottest Chef in NYC 2009 competition, has been named, along with her partner, as one of the 20 "It"Girls of 2010 by Page Six Mag. Also on the list are Matt Damon's step sister, Meryl Streep's daughter, Lenny Kravtiz's daughter, Madonna's daughter, and heiress Lily Mortimer. [Page Six Mag]

EATER BOOK CLUB— Eater National has lots of juicy details on the new book due out in April from one Alice Waters. It will be called In The Green Kitchen: Techniques to Learn By Heart. The 160-page book feature 30 basic cooking techniques and recipes, with a twist. The cookbook will take advantage of Alice's perch atop the American food chain (not to mention her ever-increasing celebrity), and each of the aforementioned 30 recipes will be demonstrated by "chefs and friends of Alice." Even His Holiness Thomas Keller makes a cameo. [Eater National]


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