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Akhtar Nawab IN at Wild Salmon Successor Zengo

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Flo Fab reports that Akhtar Nawab, the chef last seen at his defunct and short lived Village restaurant Elettaria, will be the head chef at upcoming restaurant Zengo. Zengo, many will recall, is the 17,000 square foot restaurant from operator Richard Sandoval and opera man Placido Domingo that is taking over the Wild Salmon, Tuscan Steak, Tuscan, and English Is Italian space. While it's not surprising that the owners would seek a name chef for this expensive enterprise, it's interesting that Nawab, known for his compelling Indian-inspired fare at Elettaria and American and European menus at the E.U. and Craftbar, would sign on to a Latin-Asian fusion mini-chain. It's set to open next month.
· Akhtar Nawab to Be Chef at Sandoval’s Zengo [Diner's Journal]


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