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24 New IHOPs Coming to NYC; Flagship for Times Square

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Don't have enough Rooty Tooty Fresh 'n' Fruity® in your life? No fear, New Yorkers, because pancake chain IHOP just announced its plans to open 24 new restaurants in the New York area with one giant flagship for Times Square. It's news for IHOP lovers, given the only branch on the isle of Manhattan lies up in Harlem.

One of the dealmakers explains, "Times Square is missing that something special IHOP will bring...And why stop at Times Square -- we're going to expand IHOP throughout the New York metropolitan area." As much as it would be nice for everyone to get their pancakes at their local greasy spoon and whatnot, it sure beats a Pop Tarts World.
· IHOP Expanding in Manhattan, Queens, Connecticut and New Jersey [Restaurant News]

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