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After Four Years, Nur Khan Exits Rose Bar

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Nur Khan has left his position as Rose Bar's artistic director after four years of service. Khan launched the art filled lobby bar and lounge in Ian Schrager's Gramercy Park Hotel and quickly established it as a premiere nightlife destination in New York, as Schrager allowed him to operate it more as a stand alone spot rather than a hotel lobby bar, thus giving Khan the ability to keep high paying hotel guests out of the bar. The drinks were always good (if not ridiculously expensive), and guests always felt they were in a classy place. But it was easy to foresee Khan's departure from the hotel, first with Josh Pickard's arrival as the hotel's food and beverage director, followed by the opening of his own projects downtown, and finally Ian Schrager's sale of the hotel to Abby Rosen. Khan will now focus full time on Kenmare and Don Hills, two projects that can certainly use his full time attention. One can assume that while Rose Bar will soldier on, it's days as of exclusivity are gone for good.
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Rose Bar

2 Lexington Ave., New York, NY

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