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A Look at Bell Book & Candle and its Rooftop Farm

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[Krieger, 12/7/10]

Now taking the careful sourcing, farm to table trend to its extreme is Bell Book & Candle, a restaurant that is named after a Jimmy Stewart film, designed after "James Dean’s blend of natural elegance and cool attitude," and has a giant farm on its rooftop. Owned by John Mooney and Mick O’Sullivan, the 94 seat restaurant gets about 60 percent of its fresh produce from the farm that hold 60 towers, each with 28 plants, with the rest coming in from a cold-weather greenhouse in Lancaster, PA.

Inevitably, the menu is a bit precious, with notes about responsible procurement, a list of all of the produce grown upstairs, and one menu section called "Living Leaf Salad." But to be honest, it looks like it could be pretty damn good. And the prices hover in the low 20s for entrees, teens for aps. It opens to the public tonight.