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Little Cheese Pub and a Caselulla Spinoff Opening Soon

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Some cheese world news today. First, chef Daniel Angerer and his wife Lori Mason will open their previously announced Little Cheese Pub on West 23rd St. tomorrow. The small restaurant is located next the their three month-old sausage joint, Brats: Dogs & Wieners, and will focus on cheese and beer pairings and all kinds of cheese-centric fare. Think cheeseboards, cheese dips, six varieties of mac 'n' cheese with homemade noodles, and Gorgonzola cake. They don't have their liquor license yet—on offer is hot chocolate, spiced cider, and virgin mulled wine—but when they do, expect both wine and beer by the bottle and on tap.

Meanwhile, the cheese lords of Hell's Kitchen, a.k.a. the owners of wine and cheese bar Caselulla are opening up a new place called Elsewhere on December 14. Here, Megan Johnson, the chef at Caselulla will serve a menu of "farm-driven, shareable plates" along with a selection of cheeses. The complete menu is below.

Flavored  popcorns:  horseradish  or  olive  oil  or  lavender-rosemary  5
Roasted  candied  peanuts,  garlic  chips  3
Dilly  green  beans    6
Biscuits,  brown  butter,  crushed  black  pepper  5
Roasted  elephant  garlic  pâté,  toast,  raw  vegetables,  sea  salt  9
Carrot  timbale,  hardboiled  egg,  beet  reduction,  fried  capers  7
Baby  beets,  horseradish  cream,  chestnuts  7
Chicory  salad,  bacon,  baked  figs,  walnuts,  crème  fraîche  vinaigrette  9
Tomato  broth,  goat’s  milk  panna  cotta,  parmesan,  pancetta  croutons  6
Smoked  caviar,  puffed  rice,  sea  beans,  crème  fraîche,  tomato,  flower  pollen  8
Marrow,  sel  gris,  french  fries,  parsley  ketchup  10
Sardine,  fennel-herb  stuffing,  stewed  kumquats  5
Chicken  liver  pate,  apple  butter,  toast  6
Seckel  pear,  berkshire  pork  sausage,  kataifi,  pomegranate  5
Salt-baked  fingerlings,  anchovy  aioli  or  bacon  butter  5
Braised  greens,  cranberry  beans,  stewed  tomatoes  4
Braised  rabbit,  green  olive  demi-glace,  spinach,  black  trumpets  18
Rye-stuffed  quail,  chanterelle  purée,  salsify,  dandelion  greens  11
Grilled  hanger  steak,  mustard  sauce  9

Little Cheese Pub

362 1/2 West 23rd St., New York, NY

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