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Dos Caminos' Ivy Stark to Open Mexican Spot in Brooklyn (With Update)

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A couple of months ago, rumors swirled that restaurateur Steve Hanson could be taking over the old Union Smith Cafe space in Brooklyn—a primo corner spot—to open up a Mexican restaurant. He denied the rumors, but now they make a little more sense.

Carroll Gardens Patch reports that it's actually Hanson's Dos Caminos chef Ivy Stark that is opening up in the space, along with Gowanus Yacht Club owner James Geritano. According to the article, Stark is "overseeing" a menu she "designed," so it's still unclear whether she'll leave her gig at Dos Caminos to be the day to day chef, or whether this is more of a consulting gig. It should be noted that the name of the restaurant, Diego, is also the name of one of Stark's dogs.
Update: PR folks over at BR Guest say her role has been exaggerated: "Ivy is not involved in this project – at all. All she did was help out a friend who is opening a place find a chef based on her network of Mexican chefs who might be looking for a new opportunity in this tough economy." Why would the owner say she designed the menu?
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305 Smith St., Brooklyn, NY