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Red Rooster's Exterior Ready to Go; SLA Back in the Black

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HARLEM—Check out how close Marcus Samuelsson's Red Rooster looks to opening. At least from the outside. [Harlem Bespoke]

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS—Zagat notes that Colonie, a new Brooklyn Heights restaurant successfully earned $15,000 with 91 backers on Kickstarter, the site that helps people raise money through an online community. [Zagat]

THE UN-DRYING OF NYC—Dennis Rosen testified in front of the New York State Assembly yesterday and it seems the man lived up to his reputation as SLA savior. According to Rosen, the agency is processing licenses for New York City in three to five months (down eight months from last year) and brought in almost $44 million in revenue, leaving the once trouble plagued agency about $1 million in the black. Although it would be nice if NYC applications could be processed in the same 30 day period it takes for upstate and that pesky backlog could finally be wiped out, Rosen's work reforming the SLA in just 15 months is nothing if not remarkable. All hail Dennis Rosen! [Grub Street, previously]

Red Rooster

310 Lenox Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10027 (212) 792-9001 Visit Website

Red Rooster

310 Lenox Ave., New York, NY

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