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The Gates Goes Out With Barely A Whimper

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Remember the Gates, the high end lounge that opened in the former Biltmore Lounge space? Well, it has apparently closed. And while the closing isn't very significant, it did seem worthwhile to remember the horrific Ambassador Program that gave 125 fake keys to those considered to be New York City elite. Considering the club's owner Danny Kane called the idea flawed and the club went from an A list lounge to a place where bouncers tried to extort extreme entry fees from customers, it seems that this marketing gimmick was a total bust. Let this be a lesson to you would-be club owners - gimmicks like Ambassador Programs or exclusive membership cards never work, and it's probably better to figure out how to bring as many people inside rather than deter customers who don't think you want them.
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The Gates

290 8th Ave, New York, NY

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