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Upper West Side Restaurant Owner Loses it on Yelp

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We've all read stories about restaurateurs that respond to Yelpers, restaurateurs that get mad at Yelpers, restaurateurs that want to reward positive Yelp reviewers. How about a restaurateur who responds to almost every Yelp posting about his restaurant? That's what Haakon Lenzi of Columbia-area restaurant Haakon's Hall does, and as one can imagine, not all of these responses are courteous and non-scary. For nice reviewers, his responses sound kind of like this: "Hi Georgia, Thanks for the kind words, friendly nice downright good people like you and your friends makes me happy that I opened Haakon's Hall ........ James" Negative reviews get responses like these:

Listen Matty how can you say the things you wrote, First we are a American Restaurant and not expensive( I pulled your check) Give me a BREAK. My beer selection is second to none, and yes the dinning room is for diners in a civilized society Sorry, and how can you review my restaurant when you spilt French fries 5 ways. Get a Life. YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN"T HIDE OK.....
Jakey, you can trash me, but YELP censors my rebuttal. You and Yelp can jump on front of theM11
OK Danny, now your really PISSING me off, we tried to be civil, you just want to crush my business for what reason we don't know. Stop hiding behind Yelp, the community loves us. Chef
As the Chef/Proprietor of Haakon's Hall, I find it professionally insulting that your biased/personally offensive review is the first review that shows up. There are lots of very good reviews from other customers. I find it interesting that the day I decided NOT to advertise with Yelp, after being hounded maliciously by the Yelp 'Marketing" team, was the 1st day I received your 'lovely" critique of my restaurant. There are at least two newer reviews and your review is still current. Hmmm, It seems interesting how these two events are so similar! So, how much is YELP paying you to trash me!?
Not off the rails at all.
· Haakon's Hall [Yelp]
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Haakon Hall

1187 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY