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New Jersey Woman Claims Mauling By McSorley's Bar Cat

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McSorley's, the venerable tavern famous for its light and dark draughts, has had cats roaming the floor for over a century. Most of the time, they are peaceful, lovable creatures adding charm to the a New York institution. But according to Cheryl Sibley of New Jersey, they are vicious, disease filled creatures who feast on human flesh. Sibley claims that McSorley's current cat, Minnie the Second, attacked her last October when she stopped in for a drink, saying that "attack left her with 'serious injuries' that required medical care. Don't think Minnie is capable of such viciousness? It looks like the cat had been in training to attack for a while.

Look at the way Minnie attacks that table with her fur! Now don't you feel sorry for Ms. Sibley, who surely had no way of fending off such a vicious live animal. While Sibley's lawsuit will probably be laughed out of court, it's a safe bet that the DOH will be making a visit to McSorley's in a day or so for a fresh inspection.
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