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Happy New Year From Boulud; Cascabel's Dumpling House

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See you all back here bright and early in 2011.


TIMES SQUARE — Earlier this month all the chefs from Daniel Boulud's restaurants assembled in Times Square — in their whites — to snap an adorable holiday photo. Head over to the Daniel website or click below for an accompanying video of the chefs freezing their toques off during the shoot, with bonus music from the Ting Tings. [EaterWire]

UPPER EAST SIDE— Diner's Journal reports that the Cascabel Taqueria owners are reopening their original, small Upper East Side space (they've since upgraded) into a new restaurant called Mahjong Dumpling House. Chef Shlomi Biton will serve dumplings filled with Thai curried chicken and coconut, ratatouille, chorizo and egg, and fried Maryland-style crab. [DJ]