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The 10 Most Popular Dining World Posts of 2010

Earlier this afternoon, we listed what we considered the biggest stories of the year, including split ups, expansions, come backs, and debuts. Now, we take a look at which were the most popular, the posts people click on, return to, seek out. The difference between the two should become immediately apparent.

1) Welcome to Eataly, a 50,000 Sq. Ft. Italian Culinary Funhouse
2) Prankster Tortures New York with Elaborate In-N-Out Hoax
3) 12 Epic New York Meals to Try Before You Die
4) Behold Pop-Tarts World NYC, Opening Today In Times Square
5) 10 New Overpriced New York Restaurant Dishes

6) K! Pizzacone Opens Today in Midtown
7) Inside the Sad World Of Nightclub Bottle Girls
8) Michelin Guide Unleashed: New Stars for Marea, Dovetail
9) Opening Report: Standard's Le Bain Opens With A Bang
10) 10 NYC Dining Trends That Didn't Take Off This Year

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