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Superdive Triumphantly Returns for New Year's Eve Bash

It's been a weird, wild year for everyone's favorite Alphabet City keg-service watering hole, Superdive. There were staff departures, rumors of expansion/relocation, hours were cut back, a rent sign went up, numerous liquor license transfers were applied for, the place was closed, gutted, reopened, closed again, and it looked like it would end the year that way.

Now learn that this is not the case. Superdive will live on, if for only one magical night: this Friday, December 31, to ring in 2011.

From the inbox:


We have no idea what the "SUPERDIVE Surprises" are, but still, it's nice to see the bar giving something back to their longtime fans. Take that, smell machine.

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200 Avenue A, New York , NY 10009