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SNAP Offers A Real Celebrity Experience On New Year's

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New Year's Eve in New York is chock full of scams, mostly related to creatively worded offers that make it seem like you are getting something special when you are really just getting suckered. Today's example come from SNAP, the new sports bar in the Meatpacking District, which announced its New Year's party plans today. While the $65 price for a general admission ticket isn't so unreasonable, it's the bar's offer of celebrity hob knobbing that seems especially galling. SNAP is offering customers the chance to "spend NYE 2011 rubbing elbows where so many celebrities have been spotted the past few weeks". You mean we can actually go to a place where Ken Griffey Jr, Stephen Dorff and Darryl Strawberry have also gone? It's a Christmas miracle! As for the rubbing elbows part, you will just have to settle for the elbows of the other idiots that are shocked that Leonardo Dicaprio isn't ringing in 2011 at a sports bar on 8th Avenue. Just another reason why New Year's is the worst night in New York!
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248 W. 14th St., New York, NY