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The Year in Sam Sifton Burns, Barbs and Zingers

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NYT critic Sam Sifton has a lot of fun writing about dishes he doesn't like. Here's a collection of the 15 best burns, barbs and zingers from his 2010 reviews:

whitecandles1.jpg1) The Bayberry Sorbet at Choptank: "tastes like a candle."
busstation1.jpg2) The Oyster Ceviche at Nuela: "like something off a bus-station floor."
laptopcase1.jpg3) The Veal Cutlet at Kenmare: "essentially a breaded and fried laptop case."
nickels1.jpg4) The Steaks at Peels: "giant flaps of crust-free, overly chewy meat the flavor of nickels."
foodcoopfettuccine.jpg5) The Fettuccine at Balaboosta: "tastes studied and drab, redolent of long shifts at the food co-op"
rickshawdriver1.jpg6) The Bang Bang Chicken at Le Caprice: "comfort food for rickshaw riders."
delicounter1.jpg7) The Eggplant Parmigiana at Mia Dona: "a sandwich interior taken from a deli in Anywhereville."
RoomServiceTray1.jpg8) The Food, in General, at Plein Sud: "room-service fare that leads to increased loneliness"
ibsencollection1.jpg9) The Steak Frites at Ca Va: "the texture and flavor of a bound collection of Ibsen rescued from a house fire."
cardboard1.jpg10) The Cabbage at Xiao Ye: "tastes of cardboard and water"
cardboard1.jpg11) The Fried Artichokes at Nello: "tasted of shirt cardboard."
cardboard1.jpg12) The Veal at Lavo: "shirt-cardboard veal Milanese"
paintbubble1.jpg13) The Truffle Cream at Osteria Morini: "a paint bubble drying, no longer wet, not yet dry."
depressionkinshop.jpg14) The Grilled Prawns at Kin Shop: "tastes of hotel cooking and evokes mild depression."
woodchipper1.jpg15) The Roasted Lobster at Tamarind: "managed to appear on the plate as if it had been prepared in a wood-chipper."
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