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Cuozzo's Latest Rant: Down with Williamsburg, Dry Chicken

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The New York Post's resident curmudgeon files one of his excellent restaurant rants today, calling out the ten trends that bothered him this year. He's tired of large format feasts (Ma Peche, The Breslin), Wendy's new french fries, stemless wine glasses (Osteria Morini), pushy waiters, dry chicken, jumbo restaurants (Zengo, Bar Basque), exclusive restaurants (Monkey Bar, The Waverly Inn), and writers who compare The Hurricane Club to Trader Vic's, as "most of Hurricane’s elixirs lack Hawaiian punch; after some, not even a Breathalyzer would know."

Oh, and he echos Jeffrey Steingarten's anti-Brooklyn stance, zeroing in on Williamsburg:

"Please. Its restaurants wouldn’t receive one-sixteenth the attention they get if so many food writers and bloggers didn’t live there or nearby. Fatty Cue is not Fatty Crab. There are better places to eat in Red Hook, Downtown Brooklyn and in unfashionable Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge. The stomping ground of subsidized slackers who spend fortunes trying to look poor, Williamsburg needs a one-year media blackout. Maybe it will encourage restaurants to prepare themselves good enough for real-world scrutiny.
And there you have it. For more Cuozzo enjoyment, please see our list of Steve Cuozzo's Ten Best Restaurant Industry Rants.
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