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Who Do You Support In Irish Exit Bouncer Brawl?

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The video showing a shoving match between a huge bouncer and an obnoxious drunk outside of Irish Exit in Turtle Bay brought out a lot of emotion in our commenters. Many supported the bouncer, such as this commenter, who said "bouncers can do what they want, that white kid asked for it, 3 or 4 times, you can hear it, he is basically signing verbal agreement." Others thought the bouncers were clearly in the wrong, such as this commenter, who said that "bouncers can't go around shoving people to the ground no matter how much they were egged on." But is it ever right for a bouncer to use force to remove a drunk person from a bar? And does that right extend onto the sidewalk when a drunk man is threatening you from a distance of one inch? Which brings us to today's poll . . .

Poll results

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Irish Exit

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