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Chowhounders on Where to Eat While on Ecstasy

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A comical, but very serious, query to the Chowhound boards:

Me and a few college friends are looking for a restaurant on new years eve before we go to Phish. Preferably in the area of MSG. We are all foodies, but we are also likely to be rolling on e. We would like an awesome, fun, loud place for dinner. Price is not a consideration.
What's funny isn't really the query, but how seriously the Chowhounders take the question and provide reasoned, well thought out suggestions. While one suggests Madangsui or Don's Bogam, another worries that "the combination of raw meat and fire may not be the best 'vibe'." Other suggestions: Bar Americain (touristy, but no one will notice they're on drugs), Shake Shack, The Breslin, Buddakan, The Hurricane Club, Manzo, Keens, and though it's out of the way, Morimoto ("there's a great deal with that sensual textural edge to it that someone in your... condition... might appeciate").

Of course, one 'Hounder raises the obvious question: "If you're rolling, why on God's green earth would you want food?"
· NYE Restaurant Rec. Pre-Phish [CH]
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