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Giant Jungle-Themed Restaurant/Club Planned for Sunset Park

A former Vegas nightclub operator—he most recently worked at strip club Crazy Horse Too—is opening a 20,000 square foot nightclub and restaurant in Sunset Park called Jaguars in January. Owner Vincent Faraci explains the concept, "The concept is a restaurant inside the some of the best restaurants in Vegas there’s loud music." Perfect.

But there are some other great, key details. First, it's super close to both the Battery Tunnel and the Verrazano Bridge. Also: "The décor will focus on a jungle theme with palm trees, animals and birds of paradise." Diners can eat Italian food on a raised platform over by the dance floor from 5 PM - 3 AM. The Crain's article doesn't say whether or not there will be a strip club element.
· Nightclub bringing Vegas feeling to Brooklyn [Crain's]
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225 47th St., Brooklyn, NY