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Drunk Man Learns Glass Beats Hand At The Windsor

What is it about the holidays that turns people so violent? It's probably the alcohol. A tipster walked by the Windsor, the sports bar that replaced the mega bomb Charles, and reported seeing "two frat boys chasing each other down West 10th towards Bleeker, one guy gets his whole hand cut open from broken glass." Well you certainly don't see that every day in the West Village. Eater found another person who was in the restaurant and saw the whole thing go down. Tipster #2 says "a drunk guy walked into the bar and was told by the staff that he would not be served and had to leave. The guy seemed to be OK with that and left, but when he got outside, walked up to a window and put his fist through the glass. Then he took off down 10th St."

Our tipster says that the manager chased after the vandal, and when he caught up to him, there was a tremendous amount of blood pouring out of his hand. Someone brought some towels and was nice enough to wrap the guy's hand while they waited for the police to show up. The guy was taken in an ambulance to a hospital.

The hole in the Windsor's window was still there this morning, but a replacement pane of glass was brought in this afternoon. If you look closely, you can still see the blood where the fist made contact with the glass. Let this be a lesson, fighting bouncers, windows or anything is never a good idea.
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