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Jamie Oliver's Money Minting Book; Casting Call for a Critic

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The nutsack at Think Coffee
The nutsack at Think Coffee

HARLEM—Chef Marcus Samuelsson gets the 21 Questions over at Daily Intel. He manages to mention his new restaurant Red Rooster four times but does have this awesome answer to the Old Times Square versus New question: "I love old Times Square; it's the first place I got to when I was 18 and landed in New York. They were filming a music video with Eric B and Rakim, with LL Cool J and some other guys in the background. People stole our bags, but despite that, I remember feeling like I had arrived." [Daily Intel]

CASTING CALLS—Hey food critics, both professional and less than: you could be on new a TV show. And every episode you get a fun, new disguise. [CH]

BOOKS SALESJamie Oliver's latest cookbook, Jamie's 30-Minute Meals, is not only officially England's bestselling book this Christmas, it's the biggest non-fiction seller ever recorded in the country. We already knew it was popular, but the book sold 149,640 copies last week. That's almost 15 copies a minute. [Daily Mail via Eater National]