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Tonda, Mode, Munchies Spaces Put on the Market

According to a recent listing by New York Commercial Real Estate Services the space that is currently home to Tonda pizzeria and was once home to European Union, is now on the market. The listing touts the space's AvroKO design, its high end 1,000 degree pizza oven, and its full liquor license. Perhaps, the listing isn't altogether surprising, given the owners of Max were after the space back in August. They're asking for $250,000 key money and a $10,750 a month lease.

But Tonda isn't the only compelling listing. Juliet, the popular Williamsburg French bistro with a rooftop dining mezzanine, Mode is on there for $225,000 key money. Golosi a gelato shop and pizzeria is on the market up on 41st Street, as is the old Essex Ale House space on 181 Essex, the old Munchies space on 179 Essex, La Bella Pizza on 54th and 2nd, and Port Authority Pizza on 9th Ave. Of course putting a place on the market doesn't mean certain closure. But it's not the best of signs.
Update: As commenters point out, the Williamsburg space on the market it Mode, not Juliet. Apologies all around.
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235 East 4th St., New York, NY